6 steps to go in flow state daily?

A flow state is really magic for me as I never work many hours in a day and still achieve most of the tasks in the day compared to my colleague,

you can achieve 3 hours of work when you do work for 1 hour in a flow state.

1. Have some energy

so to go into a deep state of working you must have some energy in your body,

if you feel tired or you are not feeling well then I think you can’t go in a flow state as whenever I feel tired, I feel heavy in working and I can’t focus on my task even trying many times

so to have some energy in my body to do any exercising, I daily do cycling as it improves my mood very well

2. Find your Productive time

During the whole day, there is some time when you automatically feel a little productive and your mind works faster, like in the morning or at night, I feel more energetic after 4 PM,

so you have to analyze your day and see when you feel more productive and choose that time for working on a task and being in a flow state as it helps to go in a flow state faster

3. Have a power nap if allowed or a small break

most probably I try to go in a flow state at 4 pm so before that I prefer to have a power nap of 20 to 30 minutes and believe me it increases my energy to peak level, right now I am writing this blog at 6 PM and wake up 1 hour ago having little sleep of 30 minutes,

and if you are not allowed for a power nap at work you can have a coffee break or have a little walk to wake up your body, as we can go into a flow state easily if we are feeling very energetic, if you try to go in flow state after completing a task then it is very hard

4. Be distraction-free

you must have read this point hundreds of times that you have to stop social media and stop checking notifications, but yes without this step I think you can not go into the flow state, as our minds take some time to focus on one task, it can’t give 100% focus just after having our attention somewhere else

so you have to teach yourself not to touch your phone or put it in Silent mode and then in another room so you can not easily access it

5. Have challenging work

whenever you have a challenge at work then it will be easy to go into a flow state,

as your mind tries to think more about finding solutions to your tasks and your mind automatically gives more attention to that challenging task

so always have some challenges before your staring taks

6. Plan your task

whenever I start working on any task I do one thing definitely, first of all, I understood the task properly and divide the task into small tasks if possible, and decide the deadline of 1 or two hours if possible

if you are clear with your goal on what you are going to complete in this two or three hours then you definitely can achieve it but without goal and deadline it’s hard to do that

That's it!

Now work fewer hours and achieve more, and enjoy being in a flow state.

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